No pain No gain outfit ❤

Hi ladies!!

Today is sporty day!! I won’t say anything much on this post because my body hurts and feeling so tired ☹

I just came home from my dancing and this is literally No pain No gain day.

So here it is ❤


I’m wearing a sporty white top, with black sports bra inside, a black leg warmer and my nike studio dancing shoes ❤


You ladies might think what kind of training i’m doing with this outfit.


SURPRISE!!! Pole dancing studio ❤ it’s really fun and good workout for your whole body, we do some body lifting, yogaish and stretching. But it is really hard training and painfull at the same time.

So with this outfit it’s comfortable to move CHECK THIS OUT!!


Now you know what comfortable i’m talking about ☺

I hope you ladies like my No gain No pain outfit post ❤



Thank you for reading ladies!! have a nice day everyone ❤


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