Old to New Jeans!!❤

Hi ladies, 

Today i clean up my closet and i found out that i still have my old jeans, they still fit on me but the style is out of date. 


I don’t want to throw them or give them away because the fitting is really good at me. Then suddenly i had an idea i saw a lot of ripped jeans and short cut jeans that really nice and can be used as semi casual or casual outfit. So i decided to fix my jeans and turn it to a new one.

So ladies check this out ❤

So ladies what do you think? ❤

Have a nice day evryone❤


20 thoughts on “Old to New Jeans!!❤

  1. Hey Joanne, thanks for sharing this… I loved the frayed style you did on sky blue jeans. I’m gonna try it out this Saturday. And by the way, I’ve started my fashion and lifestyle blog. Will feature your jeans in the DIY section on Saturday. 🙂

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  2. worn out jeans have been in for what? Several decades? When I was a teen in high school we wore jeans too long for us on purpose so the trims were teared and we looked so grunge. I have changed now but I like the style on others.

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