L I P S T I C K ❤

Hi ladies, 

Lets talk about LIPSTICK. I think it’s not only me who is scared to try out different color and matching it with your skin tone. Anyway i prefer red color for my self because it makes my teeth whiter and float my skin tone which is i have a tan color.

But lately i tried something else, i wanted to use a nude color but i find my self pale and look sick with it, until i decided to show people and it didn’t look that bad after all it was just me who think i look pale, and i got a lot of compliment.  ☺

So here is the shades that i’m having at the moment. ❤

  • COVER GIRL – 230 creme


  • ISADORA – twist-up matt lips 50 naked


  • DIOR – 420 bronze bombshell


  • MAYBELINE – 055 pinkalicious


  • MAYBELINE – 162 feel pink


  • ISADORA – 47 summer red


  • ISADORA – 03 red carpet matt


  • AVON – matte grape


So that’s all the shades i have, i hope you like it ladies ❤

Have a nice day everyone ❤


21 thoughts on “L I P S T I C K ❤

  1. I’m not afraid to try out new lipsticks, I’m into pink, brown and red shades mainly. I love the last burgundy one and the red one and a couple of the pinkier ones too. I say a swipe of lipstick is perfect for every outfit

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