A gift to my FOLLOWER ❤

Hi ladies, 

Today i’m skipping a fashion post because i have a very nice gift to my followers.

I started this fashion blog 2 weeks ago and now i have 250 followers and a lot of comment and likes from some of you ❤.

I am very happy to know that some people like my ideas. And this really means to me a lot ❤.



So in return i would like to give a small gift to one of my followers and to other who follow and like my post  ❤.

I don’t need anything in return for doing this, you ladies appreciating my blog is enough for me. No need to like this or that comment what you think or something i am not asking any of those for you to get the gift.

All you need to do to those who got my gift is email me and send me which address you want me to send it ☺.

So ladies check this out,find your name and look if you are my lucky follower today  ☺.

To others who didn’t got any don’t worry i will give a gift again to my next 500 followers ☺.

Is your name is here ladies? ☺





Now it’s time to cut and fold ☺



Ok so i pick 25 followers this are the one who follow and like at same time, check it ladies maybe you are the one on 25th fist pick ☺




And now we roll again ☺ you will see my first gift.


This gift is belong to………..



Congratulation SHREYA SHARMAN!!! ❤ 


Now ladies i pick 10 we follower who give me likes and comments on my post ❤ check it if you are on the first pick.



Now we roll it again and this will be my second gift ☺



The second gift is belong too……..




Congratulation WITH ALL MY AFFECTION!!! ❤

Ladies remember send me the address to jhona@nueva.me 

And if the gift is not claim for 1 week then i need to pick a new follower to have the gift ❤

Thank you ladies for following me and this won’t be the last one i’m doing this until next gift time ladies ❤


28 thoughts on “A gift to my FOLLOWER ❤

  1. That is so nice of you! And so impressive that you got that many followers in a short amount of time. What would you say was your no. one thing to do to get the followers? Thanks!

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    1. Hi ditte 🙂 i have some tags like beauty,nail,makeup,fashion and style i always visit those tags and read the post that interest me and i simply liking them then some follow me and i follow them back 🙂 but stick to those tags that related to your blog aswell 🙂 i was shy to like or comment at first but hey they won’t bite me if i do it 😛 and the result made me really happy 🙂 btw don’t hesitate to ask questions i am open to all 🙂

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