Wear your LABEL ❤

Hi ladies, 

Have you ever put a label on your self? or does someone label you?  other people might find it not nice to get labeled and won’t even try to label their own self.

But right now i will label my self and wear it and be confident with it. People will judge but i wouldn’t care. I am proud to show you ladies what label i put on my self and be a fashionist at the same time. 

So first of all i have a big shirt that perfect to put a label on my self so i fix it and here is the result ladies ❤


Yes i made it cropped shirt ❤



With this shirt i will show you ladies how to style it with different outfit ❤ check it out ladies.





















  • CASUAL OUTFIT (cold weather)



So ladies yes i am a gamer and i am not ashamed to wear it. ❤

You ladies are welcome to show me your own label and i hope you like my WEAR YOUR LABEL post. ❤

Have a nice weekend everyone ❤.



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