My NUDE makeup style ❤

Hi ladies, 

Today i’m showing you how i put my nude makeup style. ❤  

My eyeshadows are not branded so if you want to try it out with your own branded eyeshadows you might get more brighter color than mine, but just use the same shades as i am using if you want to try it out.❤

So lets get started ladies.

  •  Apply your favorite foundation ( i’m using my garnier BB cream ) and blend it.


  • Apply your favorite eyeshadow premier and apply a eyebrow highlighter ( i’m using my LUMENEpremier and ISADORA highlighter ) blend it.



  • Now we start with the eyeshadow.  Just use the same color ladies. ❤


  • Apply your favorite eyeliner ( i’m using my black eye liner from THEFACESHOP ) and blend it with a brush, then apply some darkest eyeshadow and use it as a eyeliner and use a brown eyeliner. 


  • Curl your eyelashes and apply your favorite mascara and shape your eyebrow. ( i’m using my ISADORA  and ISADORA intense brows ).



  • Next we conceal use your favorite concealer and apply it on some blemishes or on the spot you want to put a highlight on and blend it.



  • Then ladies we contour, use your favorite contour set ( i’m using ISADORA face sculptor 03 nude ).



  • Last is apply your favorite lipstick ( i’m using my coffee brown from MARYKAY).




Now ladies here is the result. ❤



So what do you think ladies? ❤

I hope you like my NUDE makeup post ladies. ❤

Have a nice day everyone. ❤







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