My Skin Care Routine ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, 

I want to share you today my skin care routine. ❤

I tried a lot of products since i moved here at Norway and it is hard for me to find a right one, because some of skin care products make my face very oily and ends up me having a pimple, and if it’s winter it made my skin so dry. 

So now i found the right products for me. Let me show you guys. ❤


  • For my hair i am using HEAD&SHOULDERS shampoo and conditioner, i tried a expensive products but my scalp breaks and give me flakes, specially on winter. Then i am using a CURL definition for my curls, they are not natural i had a perm and i want to take care of it.



  • For my body i use PALMOLIVE body wash honey is really good for the skin, NIVEA cream peeling i only use this twice a week, NIVEA in-shower body lotion and NIVEA lotion repair and care.



  • For my face i use GARNIER pure active  ultra-exfoliating scrub, GARNIER  pure active pimple reducing mattifying toner, GARNIER pure active moisturizer, and the GARNIER pure sos pen if i have a sign of pimple growing i apply it right away so it wont get bigger and leave a mark, it works for me very well. 



  • Here is some extra skin care that i have, BIO-OIL for the night i apply it on knees, elbow,tummy and hips. HTH skin repair cream for my hands.


So that is all my skin care routine, i hope you guys like it. If you have some questions about this products do not hesitate to ask. ❤

Have a nice day everyone. ❤



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