Organizing my closet ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,

No outfit ideas or ootd for me today. ☺

It is holiday and i have more time to do other stuff like organizing my closet. I would like to share to all of you how my closet looks like right now and after i organize it. ☺

First of all i got a lot of clothes, summer clothes are not even in my closet yet and i already did my spring cleaning, i just took out some few thick jackets and scarf out. I cant really put my sweaters away because i am living at Norway and that means i still needing my sweater. Once it’s summer time i will need more space because i still can’t rid out my sweaters. Summer here at Norway is only like 2 weeks then poofff it’s gone and you can only wear summer clothes once the sun is up and on the night your legs will turn purple if you are wearing shorts. ☺

Okay so let’s get started guys. ☺

First i will show you how i organize my pants to different style. ☺

Here is my pants  i organize them from.❤

so much pants!




  • sweatpants

  • casual pants

  • faded jeans

  • ripped jeans

  • semi casual pants

  • high waist jeans

  • leggings

  • high waist skirts

  • skirts

  • high waist shorts

And now here is the result. ❤

Before and after. ❤

IMG_20160323_134809_640x480 (1)








Now let’s move to organizing my shoes, i have a lot of shoes too well woman always have. ❤ I bought some containers that i can put some of my shoes inside so it won’t be all over my closet. I organize them from

  • high boots

  • ankle boots

  • high heels boots

  • open toe pumps

  • high heels pumps

  • flats

And now here is the result. ❤

Before and after. ❤




Now we move to my hanged dress and tops. Some might have organized them by colors. But i wanted it to be organized by style. Since i have a lot of dresses and tops i need space, especially with my jackets hanging in my closet as well. So i organize them from

  • belts,thin scarfs

  • casual top

  • cute top

  • sexy top

  • long sleeve nice top

  • long sleeve nice sweater

  • summer dress

  • sexy cute dress

  • nice dress

  • tube glam dress

  • nice glam dress

  • blazer

  • vest

  • sweater

  • Thin jackets

  • Spring jackets

And now here is the result. ❤

Before and after.   ❤











Next we move to drawers, I squeezed a lot of of clothes inside so it is messy. So i organize it this way.  ❤

I never thought i have that much clothes. 


 From undergarments to sweater drawer. ❤








From sports wear, sleeveless and long sleeve top and Pajamas to casual top and undergarments drawer.❤

sports wear, sleeveless and long sleeve top, pajamas
casual top,undergarments, socks 










From casual top, sweater, more sweater to normal top, pajamas and sports wear drawers. ❤

casual top,sweater,more sweater
normal top,pajamas,sports wear










From cardigans and jacket to bag shelves. ❤

cardigans, jackets and other stuff


Here is the extra drawer in my closet which i love so much.❤

Jewelry drawer! 


Now its all done i place my cardigans and jackets to the long shelves and my bags are on the two small shelves.  ❤

So here is the result of my organizing my closet day. ❤

Before and after. ❤












Thank you for reading my post guys!! ❤

I hope you enjoy my post today. ❤

Have a nice day everyone. ❤



16 thoughts on “Organizing my closet ❤

    1. we bought it at ikea 😛 but i don’t think there is ikea at the Philippines right now. But you can do the same using a hanger. You can hang at least 3 pants i guess 🙂


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