Dress to GIVE AWAY ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, 

This is just a extra post on my blog today. 

I want to give away a dress that i haven’t been use and i don’t really want to throw it away or give it to some charity store where they sell the clothes really expensive and not even willing to give a beanie for free to a old person who is freezing outside the store because he doesn’t have enough money to buy a beanie by that time. 

I tried to sell it but people here is just really afraid to buy clothes online. I can’t give it away to some people i know because of the size.

So i decided to give it away to my lovely supporting follower for free, again no need for return like comment here follow here or so whatever. ❤

If you are size small or size 5, if you know someone like sister, friend, girlfriend, wife, fiancee, who is small and want to give the dress then it is yours. Do not worry about the shipping i’m willing to pay for the shipping. Just take care of my baby (i mean the dress). ❤

Why am i giving it away? because they are too big for me. 

So if you are interested add me on skype : cozyfashionist

or email me at : jhona@nueva.me 

Here is some pictures of the dress.❤

  • First dress. ❤
I bought it here at Norway, since i went to training loose weight and summer doesn’t stay that long, i didn’t get a chance to wear it. 



I stitch it a little because i accidentally  pull it hard from the closet.
  • And here is the second dress. ❤
There is some pocket side on the dress. 


I bought it when i was visiting my dad at L.A and there is this outlet store name ROSS i needed a dress for the wedding of my relatives but end up not coming anyway for some good reason. 

So guys this is the 2 dresses that i am willing to give it to you. ❤

I’ll be waiting for your beep if you are interested. ❤

Have a nice day everyone. ❤


14 thoughts on “Dress to GIVE AWAY ❤

  1. I am such a huge fan of the first dress.. it’s so my style love it!! And And.. it’s my size too.. I won’t mind getting a gift from a fellow blogger!! ❤

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