March OOTD Blooper ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, 

If other bloggers have a march favorite then i have one too but this is for fun. ❤

Maybe some of you a thinking like – why is she always doing her ootd on the same spot?? 

Well i have a good reason about that.☺

  • First of all i am really shy when other people take a picture of me. I’m not a good poser when a camera is front of me, instead of smiling normal i make silly stuff. Just like this-
Lets show the burger king i can be their model!! 

I was like – oh take me a picture with this pillows!! but instead i fooled around. ☺

I was like – take me a picture here!! oohhh so soft!! yes fail again. 

This is taken when i did my Errands OOTD ❤.  We made a lot of pictures by that time because it is really hard for me to do a normal pose. ☺

  • Another one is if i ask a taller person than me to take a picture of my OOTD this what happend-
Okay i want to look taller not my real height!!! BUSTED!!

This is taken when i did my Movie night OOTD ❤. Since we are in a hurry i tried to do a quick pose but it fail when i check the pictures out. My confession is i am not really tall, that is the reason why i always doing bun on my ootd.☺ 


  • Taking a OOTD selfie is more comfortable with me and just being around those doors and walls make me have more confident in front of the camera, to much confident that i tried some pose like this – 

LOL did i nailed it or what?! 

This is taken when i did Rugged Outfit ❤. I think i almost nailed that pose but my bag just ruined it. ☺


  • I am not really a fan of heavy make up or too much foundation so sometimes when i make MOTD it is just for my blog, so i bought a cream contour palette online where it is very cheap, i just want to give it a try. But i still prefer powder contour, so i was really confident to make a post on the blog like “my perfect contour” and this what happend- 
WHO AM I??!!!

Yeah it didn’t really went well, i even freak out on my self. So i just wipe it off and think about another post for my blog. ☺ 

So guys that is my march bloopers. I hope you like it and made you smile by my silly pictures. Because behind those smile on my normal ootd is just a very very special simple woman like me. ☺

Have a nice day everyone. ❤


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