Chic Pink Outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, 

This is just another outfit idea. ❤

For sure most of the girls,lady,woman love pink. I am one of them but i only want pick accessories. But not so much on bag, clothes or shoes. ☺

Why is that? it make me feel so girly!! which doesn’t really fit my personality. ☺

My first thought on a girl who wear pink is – girly, cute, soft, secretive, and very careful on how they act. And that is opposite of me. ☺

But still i have some few pink clothes, which i don’t really wear that much, i bought it because i think it’s cute. Oh and btw i do wear pink but mostly on training. Just to bring up my feminine side. ☺

Ok so here is one of a pink dress i own and i want to share it to all of you. ❤

I’m wearing a pink long sleeve dress with pink clutch and black high heels pumps ❤



So what you guys think with this outfit? ❤

Have a nice day everyone ❤


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