Interview with the Brilliant man behind Vittoriswimwear ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,

This will be my first interview post on my blog. ❤

I want to introduce to you the man behind the online shopping website called Vittoriswimwear. ❤

You guys might wondering what it is. Well if you have a boyfriend this will be a nice gift for him on summer or if you are a gentleman i would say it will be great to have one of these.❤

Now let’s get to know this man who have a brilliant idea on making this kind of swimwear. ❤


NAME:  Andrej

FROM:  Slovenia

MOTTO:  I believe that patience and hard work must lead to success.

  • Can you tell us how did you start with your Vittori swimwear?

Not his picture.

–  Idea was born when we saw men hanging around the swimming pool wearing quite boring swimwear. They (swimwear) weren’t particulary good-loking either, so our females had an idea, why not create nice men’s swimwear with fresh colours. One idea made another so we added one, why wouldn’t men wear something like push up. They could always look nice even when coming out of the water. We live quite near Italy, most quality fabrics, Lycra especially are produced there, so we put the name of our brand that sounds Italian – Vittori Swimwear.

  • What is the most challenging moment you had running your Vittori swimwear?

– For a team of people full of spirit and enthusiasm every step was is big challenge. Big test whether the idea will go on or not. But certainly most difficult problem was how to create push up pad. There are many push up pads for women’s bras but not for men. First the design, we put and stitched two pads from women’s bras together into right form. I tried it personally on my old swimwear. We tried to make a production with one of the companies from China. After they sent us the samples, the quality was not as we expected. We were very down and depressed, but then we found the manufacturer from Modena (Italy), who was more reliably and most of all we could go there and made production practically in real time. Yes, they are still our supplier.

  • What do you find the most frustrating aspect of running Vittori swimwear?

Not his picture.

– Starting a business or a new project we met lots of people, lots of “experts”, who wanted to “participate” to success. According to them they knew everybody, nothing was a problem. But when we let them do the certain job to do, we realized they had only full mouth of promises and working with them was really waste of time. We at Vittori Swimwear took them as a collecting of experience, we also learned a lot and got lots of self-confidence.

  • How do you motivate your self to keep your Vittori swimwear up?

When you know you have a good product, then it’s easy. Managing all steps of the manufacturing of the swimwear makes me fun. I enjoy going to the stocks in Italy to buy new fabrics, the designing new collection is pretty exciting and at the end hearing positive feedback from our customers us a special reward. Beside that I want to write blog about our swimwear with the story inside. Vittory Swimwear means swimwear with idea. They are made for man with ideas.

  • What inspired you?

My inspiration is satisfied customer. My inspiration is developing the project from the basic idea to the final product. Like rising a baby, with all the positive feedback man can get.

  • How can you manage time to run your Vittori swimwear?

Before we have started with the project Vittori Swimwear, we analyzed what are the weeknesses of other online shops. We also considered our expiriences when purchasing items from other online shops. We put the aim in front of ourselves : we would do even better. Beside the quality which is priority #1. Therefore we work practically 24/7, when the order is placed we organize ourselves to meet customers. As soon as possible or even faster. Yes, we prepare packages in the evening, I write the blog over the weekend. Advantage of family run businesses is that they respond quickly and promptly. And Vittori Swimwear is like that.

  • What do you do in your spare time?


– Twice a week I dance Argentine tango with my wife. I love to bake cakes, strudels, all kind of sweet stuff. Every weekend our house is full of pleasant fragrances coming out of the kitchen. I also bake bread with sunflower seeds. I love thriller books, especially from scandinavian authors. Not to forget I like to travel.

  • What can you say about Vittor swimwear to the follow reader and blogger?

vittori swimwear.PNG

Vittori Swimwear is a choice for Men who expects something more from the swimwear. Different colours, special design that listens men’s body. Extra comfort. Certainly Swimwear that boost men’s self confidence. Once you put on Vittori Swimwear you won’t try any other. Vittori Swimwear has an idea, was designed with special and are for Men with Ideas.


I Had a great time interviewing this brilliant man, and i learned some new stuff from him aswell. Thank you for a nice interview Andrej! ❤

I hope you guys find Vittori swimwear interesting. If you guys are interested you can check out his blog here. And if you want to purchase one of his product you guys can go to his online website here.

I hope you guys like my interview for today. And thank you for having a time reading my post. ❤

If you want to get interviewed just comment down bellow your blog and i will respond as soon as i can. ❤

Have a nice day everyone. ❤




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