Fashion Blogger Interview – Georgina ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,

Today post is interviewing a lovely fashion blogger named Georgina. ❤

The questions that i ask on her is not all about her blog. I don’t want to spoil to you guys what is inside her blog. Instead this interview is more about her which is not stated on her blog. Most of it at least. And she just started her blog recently so it will be great to support  her.❤


NAME: Georgina Vargas

BLOG: Georgina Said What

AGE: 19 years old

FROM:   United Kingdom in a town called Wellingborough.

She live at home with her mother, twin sister, 2 dogs, 2 cats and her pet fish Lucky. She is currently studying at the University of Northampton on a course called BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies.It is completely different to what her blog is about and she like that, She is able to focus on everything that she love.
“Nothing really exciting happens here and its a little hard to get noticed for doing something good” – she added.
“I would class myself as an average person, average grades at school, normal life.”
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Lucky – A Tetra Fish ” I took it over from my boyfriend because he though he killed all the other ones until we found him so the name kinda fits!”



  •  What made you decide to start blogging and why about fashion,beauty and lifestyle?

– I’ve always been a fan of fashion and figuring out my own style. I would never class myself as fashionable or would tell people who I know what I’m on about but I always try to experiment with my clothing. This is the same with beauty! I will happily us different brands and names and experiment with them. I have a lot of spare time and it’s rare I leave the house so I’m always trying to fill my time with things that interest me.

I wanted to make my blog about me and the things that interest me. Some posts I may go off topic and ramble on and on about nothing but I feel like I am in the right environment for the help and support I need about my blog and so I will not get judged with the things I want to write about.
  • Do you have a favorite fashion magazine? if you do what it is? if not why is that?

I love reading Vogue or Elle. I know they are very similar within their content but I love to see what other artists have to say about their designs. I love reading about the upcoming trends, even if i don’t get into them myself. I’ve started a collection of the magazines and can’t get enough of them. At my uni they have a section for all of the older vogue issues and looking through those can really inspire someone to bring back the old fashions. Even just flicking through the pages and looking at the pictures, I find it enjoyable and relaxing. It’s able to inspire me to be me, To find my own fashion and style.

  • Who was your favorite style icon?


I love Audrey Hepburn. Her simplistic still and chic. I’ve never seen a bad photo of her. She became one of the most photographed actresses of all time. Everything she has been through while growing up during World War 2 and still managed to make her dream come true and get noticed. She is a very inspirational person.



Also, Marilyn Monroe. Because she would now be classed as a plus sized model. More people need to be inspired by her work and what she did. People should look up to her and realised that everyone is beautiful, no matter what size you are. After everything she did and accomplished, she was still picked on and flawed throughout her career. She was hated by some and loved by others. You can’t please everyone, but as long as you are happy in yourself then no one can take that away from you.
Both of these people I look up to. If people like those were not about, I wonder what the world would be like today, whether it would be any different.
  • What are some of your current fashion obsessions? and why?

– I am currently loving the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits.

Kylie jenner.JPG
I am lucky enough to have all the lip kits beside the new one, Kourt K.

They are currently my obsession. They have a such a wonderful formula, they glide onto your lips and stay there all day without the need touch up or reapply. I wanted to see what the hype was about so I ordered Mary Jo K which is a beautiful red colour and from then on I was hooked, I had to try to get my hands on the other formulas, especially the nudes, I’m a sucker for a good nude lipstick.

  • What is the best advice of fashion you ever received? 

-It was actually from my mum,she told me to “Be True To You”.

Be true

It’s so I know to always look in myself for the answers. I shouldn’t feel the need to impress anyone, as long as I am happy within my own skin then that’s all that matters. If i feel like dressing in tracksuits bottoms and a hoodie for the day then go for it, as long as I am happy, and I like the way I look, then no one else opinions matter. I shouldn’t feel the need to drown myself in what society thinks people should look like.

  • Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?

-My only goal is to be happy. I want to remove all of the negativity out of my life and focus on myself for once.

Georgina pic.jpg

I want to do the things that make me happy, try to adventure out a bit more, see the world, even if its lying outside on the grass with my boyfriend looking up at the stars, anything to make me happy.

  • What is your typical day doing the blog?

-My typical day would be trying to find inspiration for a blog post. I have a notebook that I like to write my thoughts and ideas in so during the ay I like to look back over it and serif any new ideas pop into my head.


But since I am a new blogger, I am still trying to sort out my blog with the layout and design so that it best suits me. Experimenting with different ideas. I also love looking through other people blogs and reading about what they have to say. Looking at something from another persons perspective is very interesting.

  • What is the one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?


-I think that my readers would be surprised to hear that I am a twin. I have a non-identical twin sister and we are the complete opposite of each other. Also, when I was born, I was born with a hole in my heart, I wasn’t able to see my mum for a couple of weeks while the doctors looked after me. Luckily I survived and I’m still here to tell the tale.



Thank you for letting me interview you Georgina. ❤

I had a really nice time interviewing Georgina and i learned more stuff about her. So guys if you want to know her as well and about her blog just visit her blog here . 

I hope you guys like my interview with Georgina today. And thank you for reading my post. ❤

If you want to get interview just comment down below your blog and i will respond as soon as i can. ❤

Have a nice day everyone. ❤


16 thoughts on “Fashion Blogger Interview – Georgina ❤

    1. Thank you so much ❤ interviews are really fun 🙂 hard to find a right questions but in the end it is worth it 🙂 every ladies i interview are very fascinating and adorable ❤ i can interview you too if you will let me ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It would be my pleasure to be interviewed by you….truly….but before that I need to gather some interesting stuff about my blog, it is still a baby in the cradle, you’ll surely hear from me about it sometime later…..just keep doing the posts we love :)) ♡


  1. Great blog post. I just have to point out one thing, it is no meant to be rude just a heads up.
    The plus size thing about MM, that is a myth. She worked out lifting weights since she was 19 and the cloth sizes changed since then.
    According to her dressmaker, her measurements were roughly 35-22-35 , 5’5” tall and 118 pounds.
    Have a lovely day. Hugs C

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your welcome. 😀 I read few books about her a couple years ago and found out that way. She was a very interesting person for sure. I got interested a few years back because we have same body type.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now it made me think, how come MM suddenly a plus size? 🙂 i dont really think she is a plus size but her body is way more better to be idealized than the typical model size. 🙂 i dont know if you are agree with me but just my opinion 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They changed the size on clothes. So back then her size was a 10 or 12. That confuses ppl. I think that is one reason. Also she is a hourglass shape with hips and breasts and a little tummy. Today it is the athlet shape that is on most models. Slim hips, small breasts and a flat tummy. MM bodyshape is the most rar in the with only 8% of the ppl having it. I think that could be it. I like curves so I like MM body better.

        Liked by 1 person

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