Mom and Fashion Blogger Interview-Persia ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, 

Today i am interviewing a lovely woman named Persia. ❤

She have 3 blogs and all my question to her is mixed about her 3 blogs. And again my questions is not just all about her blog. I won’t want to spoil her blog to you guys. Instead the interview is more about her, some of it might not stated on her blog. ❤

ABOUTS: persia


FROM: United Kingdom

BLOG: ladypvintage (fashion)

blogofamadblackwoman  (Domestic abuse)

maximusoctavian ( Adorable Son) 

For a number of years, she traveled a lot – Brazil, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Jamaica, plus a lot more! she also lived in the US for a year in more recent years, which is where she had her son. She returned to the UK in March 2013. Her ex-husband is abusive (which she what prompted her to start her first blog). blogofamadblackwoman
Prior to her move to the US, she was a model (burlesque style) and an (unknown) actress, but she enjoyed what she did. She started attending shoots again in October last year after finding a great photographer. This time more for pin-up/retro style, rather than burlesque.

Also, She work out a lot more than she used to, and she is on a health kick. She go running and work out at home. She don’t eat meat; She’s an Animal lover and Advocate.


  • What made you start blogging and why?

-I was really hurting from my abusive marriage.

Not her picture.

A friend of mine suggested I started a blog. Write about my experiences. Letting it out would help me to heal. I agreed after she had done some research for me and suggested I use WordPress. I blog to not only tell of my experiences, but to inspire too. I also hope my blog will help others know, that if they are in abusive relationships, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I left with no food, no money, no transport – nothing – just my 12 weeks old baby, and literally just the clothes on our backs. This is how Blog of a Mad Black Woman was born.

  • Who would you say your number one inspiration?

-My number one inspiration had got to be the Queen of Burlesque

Dita Von Teese
black corset
Persia Karema

~ the gorgeous Dita Von Teese. I LOVE that woman! Stylish, classy and simply fabulous! (Can you tell just how much of a fan I am?! 😀 ).

  • Can you tell us about your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

My main strengths was the will to live for the sake of my son.

Adorable Max.

I was slipping into a dark place, after being told for years that I was ugly, worthless, useless and that nobody would want me. I believed it. With a handful of people behind me, I took a long look at my son one day, and told myself enough was enough. If I didn’t pull myself together, how would I be able to watch my son grow into a fine young man? It was up to me to be his mother and father. I took the step.

  • How do manage to run your 3 blog efficiently?

I run all 3 blogs by scheduling most of my posts on Blog of a Mad Black Woman. My son’s blog A Day in the Life of Maximus Octavian and Lady P Vinatge

blog 1max blogblog 2

– I write-up some posts in advance, so I can post them as and when I want to. I find I do a burst of writing on a Wednesday morning, whilst my son is at pre-school. This way, I can write more. He does go Monday to Friday, but being a single mother, the other 4 mornings are taken up by all sorts!

  • What is your proudest achievement?

-My proudest achievement is definitely my son.

Prior to my son, it was working in TV, film, commercials and corporate videos, whilst living on my own.

  • What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

-The most challenging moment… I think it was that I was going to give up after the first few months. I didn’t have many followers, and my abusive ex-husband started to stalk me on WordPress and twitter.

  • What is the biggest difference in your life post-blogging?

-The biggest difference – seeing how many people who have gone through what I have, and being told that my Blog of a Mad Black Woman has inspired them.

Also, that it has been nice to see my son grow on A Day in the Life of Maximus Octavian.

  • Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?

I have already achieved one,


which was to get my son into a bilingual Pre-school, learning Spanish as well as English. Others include

  1.  spreading domestic abuse awareness more,
  2. gaining more followers on my son’s blogphotogrid_1458929456382.jpg
  3.  committing more time to my Animal Advocacy work.
  4.  getting my son into a school for next year September, and last but not least,
  5.  To build my self-confidence more.


Although I do partake in photo shoots, I am nervous and still conscious of the way I look. John is a fabulous photographer whom I feel comfortable around. He is the only reason I started attending shoots again.

  • What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?

-What I am about to reveal week after next. Life just keeps throwing punches at me, but I am trying to avoid them! I know I will get through it, but it is going to be a battle.


Thank you for letting me interview you Persia. ❤

I had a nice time interviewing a lovely lady like Persia, my emotions went up and down while we are having the interview. All i can say is adore this lovely woman and now she is one of my inspiration on life. And she is now my new blogger friend. ❤

So guys if you are interested to get to know her blog more just click here for her fashion blog,  here to see her son Max growing up,  And here for her animal domestic blog. ❤

I hope you guys like my interview with Persia. And thank you for reading my post today. ❤

If you guys are interested to be interviewed just comment down below your blog and i will respond as soon as i can. ❤

Have a nice day everyone. ❤



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