31 day Fashion Blogger Challenge!! ❤


Hi ladies and gentleman, 

I have seen a lot of bloggers who do 31 challenge, i wanted to make one aswell but i can’t find the right one for my self until i saw this 31 days challenge for fashion blogger so i grab it and now i want to share it to all of you guys. ❤

This will be the first day of the challenge i guess. So here it go. ❤


1st day: Your wardrobe.

– What can i say about my wardrobe? it is full of clothes that sometimes i can find some clothes that there is still a tag on and i totally forgot that i have it.☺

I even found some 2 similar top and the other one still have a tag on. Then i will just laugh and say “at least i have an extra!” yeah yeah excuses. ☺

I love organizing my wardrobe, i choose the style my self like how many drawers i like and where do i want it etc. but the problem is it’s not enough space for all my clothes, well i should buying less clothes and problem solved. ☺

Thank you guys for reading my 31 day challenge post. ❤

I hope you guys find it interesting. ❤

You are welcome to do this 31 day fashion blogger if you want and i will be glad to see how is yours. ❤

Have a nice day everyone. ❤


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