2017 Couple outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, 

I am back!! was been busy and had no time to update my blog. ☹

Anyway now that i am back, it’s time for me to continue sharing my simple fashion ideas.

Last post that i had is about interviews with other amazing bloggers out there and i will still continue it, but for now i would like to share my couple outfit idea to all of you.

So here is my first couple outfit idea.  – My male model is a very special person to me. 


Dark gray long sleeves with a black vest, Black jeans, brown casual shoes and a casual blazer.
White top with, black high waist skirt, black high heels ankelboots, and a black shoulder bag. 

Lets put those outfit on. ❤


And with a couple watch  

So that is my first couple outfit idea. I hope you guys like it.❤

Happy new year everyone and have a nice day. ❤




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