Cozy me OOTD ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, I will be showing you again a sweater outfit. ❤ White sweater from my SALE YAY!!❤ post, brown boots good to wear on spring, faded pants, and black handbag.    I hope you like my another sweater post.❤ Have a nice day everyone. ❤

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Chic Outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Today i just decided to wear a light color outfit and perfect for spring time. ❤ But i am not sure if it looks nice on me. So here is it.   And here is the full outfit.   So what do you guys think? ☺ Have a nice day everyone. ❤

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Movie night OOTD ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Today i will show you how i dress up on a movie night. ❤ I think once you going for a late movie you don’t need to dress up really nice. Unless your crush is going to watch with you or your going to nice dinner afterwards. ☺ Anyway today i decided to […]

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Window Shopping OOTD ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, I went to the the mall today, i just want to window shop and that means a lot of walking in the mall. So i decided to wear a comfortable outfit today. This is a bit of sport and chic outfit.  ❤ I am wearing my comfortable nike pink shoes, a […]

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Semi Casual Outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, I want to share you my simple semi casual outfit. I am wearing a white see through shirt  and i have black sleeve less under, black pants, and my guess flats. ❤     So here it is. ❤     I hope you guys like my simple semi casual outfit. ❤ Have a […]

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My EGYPTIAN Makeup Style ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Today i want to show you my Egyptian style makeup. I made my inspiration person to be my model if you remember her on my My inspiration on FASHION ❤  post. ☺ If you guys want to try it here is the step by step how to make it. ☺ First apply your favorite […]

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Preppy Outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, I will show you my preppy idea style. ❤ This outfit is pretty comfortable and girly. ☺ I am wearing a gray sweater with pink shirt inside, skinny beige pants, guess pink shoulder bag and my pink coach pink ballerina shoes. ☺     So check my preppy outfit. ☺   I hope you guys […]

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My Skin Care Routine ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  I want to share you today my skin care routine. ❤ I tried a lot of products since i moved here at Norway and it is hard for me to find a right one, because some of skin care products make my face very oily and ends up me having a pimple, […]

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Rugged Outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  It’s my rugged Monday!!! ❤ Since it wasn’t that cold today and it seems like spring is on the way here at Norway, i decided to put on some rugged attire.  I am wearing a long sleeve that i have from my SALE YAY!!❤ and the pants from my Old to New Jeans!!❤ and match it […]

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Errands OOTD ❤

Hi ladies,  How is your weekend going? ☺ I am showing you today my errands outfit, it’s a simple and comfortable outfit to do some errands. ☺ So here it is. ❤     And with this errands i finally send out my gift to my followers. ❤ So excited for them to have it. ❤ I hope you like my […]

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