Movie night OOTD ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Today i will show you how i dress up on a movie night. ❤ I think once you going for a late movie you don’t need to dress up really nice. Unless your crush is going to watch with you or your going to nice dinner afterwards. ☺ Anyway today i decided to […]

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Window Shopping OOTD ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, I went to the the mall today, i just want to window shop and that means a lot of walking in the mall. So i decided to wear a comfortable outfit today. This is a bit of sport and chic outfit.  ❤ I am wearing my comfortable nike pink shoes, a […]

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Semi Casual Outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, I want to share you my simple semi casual outfit. I am wearing a white see through shirt  and i have black sleeve less under, black pants, and my guess flats. ❤     So here it is. ❤     I hope you guys like my simple semi casual outfit. ❤ Have a […]

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Preppy Outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, I will show you my preppy idea style. ❤ This outfit is pretty comfortable and girly. ☺ I am wearing a gray sweater with pink shirt inside, skinny beige pants, guess pink shoulder bag and my pink coach pink ballerina shoes. ☺     So check my preppy outfit. ☺   I hope you guys […]

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Rugged Outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  It’s my rugged Monday!!! ❤ Since it wasn’t that cold today and it seems like spring is on the way here at Norway, i decided to put on some rugged attire.  I am wearing a long sleeve that i have from my SALE YAY!!❤ and the pants from my Old to New Jeans!!❤ and match it […]

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Errands OOTD ❤

Hi ladies,  How is your weekend going? ☺ I am showing you today my errands outfit, it’s a simple and comfortable outfit to do some errands. ☺ So here it is. ❤     And with this errands i finally send out my gift to my followers. ❤ So excited for them to have it. ❤ I hope you like my […]

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Sheek OOTD ❤

Hi ladies,  It’s Friday Friday Friday ( i don’t know the rest of the song ) .☺ Anyway what are you doing today ladies? going out? have a night out? or dinner with friends? ☺ Today i am showing you a sheek outfit. I think this outfit is cute for a dinner out with family or […]

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Business CASUAL outfit ❤

Hi ladies,  So are you going to a business meeting or planning to have a dinner with your coworkers? But you don’t want to be overdress or on formal attire or you are a jeans lover? maybe you will like my business CASUAL outfit. ❤ I’m using the bag from my SALE YAY!!❤ ,  guess watch, leopard pumps […]

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Sweater OOTD ❤

Hi ladies,  Since it is still cold outside all i can show you today is sweater outfit. So remember my SALE YAY!!❤ post and Old to New Jeans!!❤ ?   I match them up together and this what came out. ❤     Not so bad right? ☺ I hope you like my sweater OOTD ladies. ☺ Have a nice […]

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Wear your LABEL ❤

Hi ladies,  Have you ever put a label on your self? or does someone label you?  other people might find it not nice to get labeled and won’t even try to label their own self. But right now i will label my self and wear it and be confident with it. People will judge but […]

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