Hi ladies and gentleman,  Since i got nominated on liebster award 5x, it’s time for me to do it now. But i will only make one and answer all the questions and thank all the persons who nominated me on this post. ❤ Sorry if i’m breaking the rules ✌ So here it is. ☺ I am […]

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Sweater Dress OOTD ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  After a long holiday it is time to do some errands, and meet some good friends . I hope everyone of you had a good holiday. ❤ Anyway today i decided to wear a sweater dress and just leggings so its more comfortable to move around and just a flat ankle boots. ❤ […]

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Easter outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  Today i will share you my Easter outfit. ❤     Off shoulder dress, yellow for Easter, with a hint of black high heels shoes and bag. ❤ And here it is. ❤       So what do you think guys? ❤ I hope you like it. ❤ Have a nice Easter everyone. ❤    

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Owner of my dress ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Just another extra post for today about the dress i was going to give away. Dress to GIVE AWAY ❤ I did a online random picker for those who want it,  and here is the result. First dress ❤ The owner is beautybae, a little fashion tip with the dress is match […]

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Spring makeup style ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Another makeup idea that i will share to you today. ❤ Let’s put the dark shades away for now and hug the light colors. So lets begin. ❤                     Apply your favorite foundation.   Shape your eyebrow Apply highlighter under your eyebrow Apply white […]

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Dress to GIVE AWAY ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  This is just a extra post on my blog today.  I want to give away a dress that i haven’t been use and i don’t really want to throw it away or give it to some charity store where they sell the clothes really expensive and not even willing to give […]

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Organizing my closet ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, No outfit ideas or ootd for me today. ☺ It is holiday and i have more time to do other stuff like organizing my closet. I would like to share to all of you how my closet looks like right now and after i organize it. ☺ First of all i got a […]

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White vest Outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  Another outfit for you guys today. ❤ Since it’s holiday today all the store are close and nothing else to do.  So i decided to just put some outfit together to share. ❤   I am wearing a white long sleeve with white vest, beige pants, white cute hand bag and white flats. ❤ […]

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Dating Outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Today i am showing you my dating outfit idea. ☺ This outfit is chic,romantic,sophisticated,glam, simple style.      Okay i don’t have a date today,  just so to be clear. ☺ I only want to share this idea of mine.  So here it is. ❤ So what do you think? ❤  I hope you guys […]

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