Spring makeup style ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Another makeup idea that i will share to you today. ❤ Let’s put the dark shades away for now and hug the light colors. So lets begin. ❤                     Apply your favorite foundation.   Shape your eyebrow Apply highlighter under your eyebrow Apply white […]

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My EGYPTIAN Makeup Style ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Today i want to show you my Egyptian style makeup. I made my inspiration person to be my model if you remember her on my My inspiration on FASHION ❤  post. ☺ If you guys want to try it here is the step by step how to make it. ☺ First apply your favorite […]

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L I P S T I C K ❤

Hi ladies,  Lets talk about LIPSTICK. I think it’s not only me who is scared to try out different color and matching it with your skin tone. Anyway i prefer red color for my self because it makes my teeth whiter and float my skin tone which is i have a tan color. But lately […]

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Everyday makeup ❤

All about make up ladies ❤ Today i’m going to share my everyday makeup style, i do it too if i’m not in a mood to put a lot of stuff on my face. I’ll tell it step by step ❤ I’m applying my favorite face moisturizer . I’m using a small amount of L’ORÉAL skin perfection – […]

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