Hiding tired eyes makeup ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  Lately i don’t get enough sleep, so eye bags are chilling on my face, they just don’t go away. :p  I will share to you how i hide those tired eyes. ❤ Apply your favorite foundation ( i only apply small amount)  Use a highlighter under eyebrow Shape eyebrow using your […]

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March OOTD Blooper ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  If other bloggers have a march favorite then i have one too but this is for fun. ❤ Maybe some of you a thinking like – why is she always doing her ootd on the same spot??  Well i have a good reason about that.☺ First of all i am really shy when […]

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Spring makeup style ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Another makeup idea that i will share to you today. ❤ Let’s put the dark shades away for now and hug the light colors. So lets begin. ❤                     Apply your favorite foundation.   Shape your eyebrow Apply highlighter under your eyebrow Apply white […]

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My EGYPTIAN Makeup Style ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Today i want to show you my Egyptian style makeup. I made my inspiration person to be my model if you remember her on my My inspiration on FASHION ❤  post. ☺ If you guys want to try it here is the step by step how to make it. ☺ First apply your favorite […]

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My NUDE makeup style ❤

Hi ladies,  Today i’m showing you how i put my nude makeup style. ❤   My eyeshadows are not branded so if you want to try it out with your own branded eyeshadows you might get more brighter color than mine, but just use the same shades as i am using if you want to try […]

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Glam Night ❤

Hi ladies, Who love to go to a nice party and wear a glam dress? well i do. ❤ This doesn’t happen everyday maybe twice a year where i can dress up really nice. So today i will show you my glam look.  ❤ If you remember the dress is from my SALE YAY post, black blazer, […]

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L I P S T I C K ❤

Hi ladies,  Lets talk about LIPSTICK. I think it’s not only me who is scared to try out different color and matching it with your skin tone. Anyway i prefer red color for my self because it makes my teeth whiter and float my skin tone which is i have a tan color. But lately […]

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Everyday makeup ❤

All about make up ladies ❤ Today i’m going to share my everyday makeup style, i do it too if i’m not in a mood to put a lot of stuff on my face. I’ll tell it step by step ❤ I’m applying my favorite face moisturizer . I’m using a small amount of L’ORÉAL skin perfection – […]

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