March OOTD Blooper ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  If other bloggers have a march favorite then i have one too but this is for fun. ❤ Maybe some of you a thinking like – why is she always doing her ootd on the same spot??  Well i have a good reason about that.☺ First of all i am really shy when […]

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Hi ladies and gentleman,  Since i got nominated on liebster award 5x, it’s time for me to do it now. But i will only make one and answer all the questions and thank all the persons who nominated me on this post. ❤ Sorry if i’m breaking the rules ✌ So here it is. ☺ I am […]

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Dress to GIVE AWAY ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  This is just a extra post on my blog today.  I want to give away a dress that i haven’t been use and i don’t really want to throw it away or give it to some charity store where they sell the clothes really expensive and not even willing to give […]

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Business CASUAL outfit ❤

Hi ladies,  So are you going to a business meeting or planning to have a dinner with your coworkers? But you don’t want to be overdress or on formal attire or you are a jeans lover? maybe you will like my business CASUAL outfit. ❤ I’m using the bag from my SALE YAY!!❤ ,  guess watch, leopard pumps […]

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Wear your LABEL ❤

Hi ladies,  Have you ever put a label on your self? or does someone label you?  other people might find it not nice to get labeled and won’t even try to label their own self. But right now i will label my self and wear it and be confident with it. People will judge but […]

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A gift to my FOLLOWER ❤

Hi ladies,  Today i’m skipping a fashion post because i have a very nice gift to my followers. I started this fashion blog 2 weeks ago and now i have 250 followers and a lot of comment and likes from some of you ❤. I am very happy to know that some people like my ideas. […]

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Comfy Sunday Outfit ❤

Hey ladies, This is my normal style every sunday , this is the day where i relax. No visitor  or outside activity day. This is my way on getting ready for the weekdays, back to work and everything.   I’m wearing my comfy gray sweatshirt from ginatricot, gray yoga pants which is very comfy from cubus and […]

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Hi there! i would like to introduce my new blog about fashion!! I am new with this fashion blogging and i’m not a professional when it comes to fashion, but i think i have a good taste, i hope you guys will like it and follow and then ill follow you back ❤ Also check my […]

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