2017 Couple outfit ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  I am back!! was been busy and had no time to update my blog. ☹ Anyway now that i am back, it’s time for me to continue sharing my simple fashion ideas. Last post that i had is about interviews with other amazing bloggers out there and i will still continue it, […]

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A quick OOTD!❤

Hi ladies, My OOTD of the week this wasn’t a plan for posting but i just want to share to you how i dress up when suddenly there is a appointment or errands to do.  So here it is ❤ I was a bit late for my appointment so i was doing it really quick ☺ So this […]

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Beauty and Travel Blogger Interview-Othela ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Today post is an interview with a wonderful blogger who love to travel and interested on blogging beauty. Join with me to get to know this wonderful blogger. ❤ ABOUT NAME: Othela BLOG: OTHELA FROM: Romania She have a passion for travel and all about beauty related.She love spending time in nature,  enjoy a […]

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31 day Fashion Blogger Challenge!! ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  I have seen a lot of bloggers who do 31 challenge, i wanted to make one aswell but i can’t find the right one for my self until i saw this 31 days challenge for fashion blogger so i grab it and now i want to share it to all of […]

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Mom,Fashion,Beauty Blogger Interview – Jackie ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, Another interview post with a lovely mom blogger named Jackie. ❤ Again the questions i asked her is not all about her blog. I interview so we can get to know Jackie more. ❤ Good idea right?❤ So let me introduce you the lovely Jackie.  ❤ ABOUT NAME: Jackie BLOG: Thatswhatsup.me FROM: East Coast of […]

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On the go OOTD ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  This will be a quick post.  Sharing you to day my on the go outfit. ❤ Here it is. ❤ Gray simple long sleeve, flats and cropped ripped jeans. ❤ I hope you guys like it. ❤ Have a nice day everyone. ❤ Advertisements

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Mom and Fashion Blogger Interview-Persia ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,  Today i am interviewing a lovely woman named Persia. ❤ She have 3 blogs and all my question to her is mixed about her 3 blogs. And again my questions is not just all about her blog. I won’t want to spoil her blog to you guys. Instead the interview is more […]

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