My inspiration on FASHION ❤

Hi ladies, 

Today i want to share you how i started with this blog, first of all i am really shy to share my fashion idea i don’t have confidence in my self. Until someone teach me how to be confident and try out some new stuff and not think about other people. 

So now i want to introduce my inspiration to all of you ladies. ❤

She is a sister, friend, family and one of important person in my life ❤.




She is the one who give me a lot of tips about fashion, if this or that will look nice on me etc. she is a fashion designer and i like her taste and i adore her. ❤

And now ladies i will show you how i can be confident when i am with her. ☺





LOL sorry for over pose we are just doing it for fun. ☺ 

She is also a blogger and it will be nice if you check out her page ladies it is about fashion and life style ☺ emilynueva



So ladies tell me about your own inspiration too i would love to know it. ❤

Thank you for reading my post today ladies i hope you like it. ❤

Have a nice Sunday everyone. ❤


13 thoughts on “My inspiration on FASHION ❤

  1. Whaaa You’re so sweet! I really have no words.. 🙈 I’m so glad to bring positivity to your life!! 💞
    You’re so great and beautiful! Never let anyone bring you down! Love you💖

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  2. I can only share my experience with wearing Men’s Swimwear with Push up. What would others say, will they notice ? How they are going to react ? Bottom line : no one noticed, I felt comfortable, I felt great and still do. So go ahead, we have “problems” only in our heads.

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