Beauty Routine ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman, 

Today i will share to you how my beauty routine. ❤

I do this for only 3x to 4x a week, by doing this i don’t get blemishes or acne that much, and so i don’t need to put much foundation on my face to cover up some unwanted stuff on my face. ☺

So here it is. ❤

  • Pore strips- I do this 3x a week since one pack have 3 strips its perfect for my weekly routine, and very easy to use just wash your face and let nose be a bit wet then apply the nose trip, wait for 20-30 min then time to rip it off gentle. ❤

Pore strips

At first try it won’t take all the black heads you have on your nose but once you do this few times a week it will help clear your nose from blackheads or white heads. All i can say is i like this product but once it ripping time it’s crying time. ☺

Do i look sexy? ahaha 


  • Oxygen rich bubble mask – I do this 3 to 4x a week, this cleansing and exfoliating your skin. And it have a chocolate, butter smell. ❤


After using this i can feel my skin is very smooth and clean, it’s 2 pack so its good to use it twice in a week. ❤

scrub scrub scrub

It is easy to use as well just apply it on face and scrub it with your finger for 30-60 second then wash it off. ☺



Then tadddaaa my face is all clean. And i smell like chocolate yummy. ☺

So guys that is my simple beauty routine i hope you like it. ☺

Have a nice Sunday everyone. ❤


11 thoughts on “Beauty Routine ❤

  1. Is it (in lack of the right word) safe to use nose strips 3 times a week? And is it that necessary?
    Have to notice that you already have clean skin to begin with. You wrote that you have problematic skin, and is noticeable that you are taking good care of it 🙂

    Regards, Antidote 🙂

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    1. 3x a week is the maximum you can do 🙂 it is not really advisable to do more than that. 🙂 if you are new with nose strip and with never tried to get rid of black heads or white heads 3x a week is better 🙂 but if you have less and doing it regularly once or twice is enough actually, but with my case after 2 days white heads starting to come out again so i do it 3 times a week 🙂

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