Mom,Fashion,Beauty Blogger Interview – Jackie ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,

Another interview post with a lovely mom blogger named Jackie. ❤

Again the questions i asked her is not all about her blog. I interview so we can get to know Jackie more. ❤

Good idea right?❤ So let me introduce you the lovely Jackie.  ❤


NAME: Jackie


FROM: East Coast of the US

She used to be an elementary school teacher, but once she had her twins, she resigned from her job to stay home with them.



“I do modeling jobs time to time and have been on QVC.”



  • What made you decide start blogging?

-I decided to start a blog because I love fashion, beauty, cooking, entertainment, decorating. I wanted to connect with others that have similar interests and also have a diversion from my mommy duties.

I have modeled makeup and hair on QVC. One of the products was Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. I have also done a commercial for an auto insurance company and other commercials of similar subject matter. I also do print jobs and have modeled wedding gowns.

  • Who would you say is your number one inspiration?

-I love Taylor Swift’s street style.

It’s classy, interesting, and a little bohemian. She is so confident in a non-intimidating way. Whatever she is wearing, she just owns it. I’ve tried to adopt that same mindset.

-In terms of beauty. I think Jennifer Lopez.

She has flawless makeup.  She always has the right places on her face highlighted.  So gorgeous!

  • How would you describe your blogging style?

-I would say I am very open to writing about various types of subject matter.  This makes my blog kind of broad, but in a good way I can reach a lot of people with many different interests.  I am inspired by a lot of things, and I really want to inspire others.  I want to inspire by discussing fashion and pop culture, giving beauty advice, sharing my recipes and decorating style, and reviewing products.  This list can expand as I gain experiences.  And I really don’t know what I will blog about on any given day until I encounter something that sparks my interest.  I feel that if it sparks my interest, it will probably intrigue someone else as well.


Lastly, I would say my blogging style is fun and light!

  • Do you prefer shopping or just browse? and why?

-I definitely just like to browse.

When you aren’t shopping for one specific thing, you become more inspired by what’s around you.  You enjoy the experience more!  I don’t like shopping for something particular at all-  It is too stressful, I usually don’t find what I am looking for, and I miss out on noticing other interesting items around me.  I love just going shopping to have a day out.  I usually come home with a haul!

  • What piece of clothing do you spend your money on the most? why?

-I would say that I spend the most money on my jeans.

Not her picture.

I consider jeans an investment piece.  They last a very long time, and if you find a pair that fits and looks exactly as you’d like, then it is okay to spend a little more on them.  You won’t be buying a new pair for a while.


Also, I would say I am willing to splurge on anything by the brand Free People.  I just cannot resist their easy-going, unique, and bohemian style.  I haven’t found a piece from them that I didn’t like!

  • Can you define love?

-Love is strictly a feeling, initially.


As a relationship progresses, real situations arise.  You are no longer in the phase where you frolic around on dates holding hands.  Real life happens- work, kids, catastrophes, situations you have to work through together.  Love becomes part feeling and part decision.  There is no longer time to just feel.  Love becomes more of an action and a choice, mixed with vacation and relaxation every once in a while when you can go back to frolicking temporarily.

  • What is the difference in your life post blogging?

-I definitely have a new kind of excitement everyday.

Not her picture.

Blogging is a creative outlet for me and helps my mind take a break from housework and caring for my children.  It’s nice to have a little variety and a way to express myself!

  • What is the best thing about being a mum?

It sounds cliché, but just knowing that my husband and I created those two precious human beings and that they are ours is probably my favorite thing.

Not her picture.

But in terms of day-to-day life as a mom, I love teaching them new things and seeing them laugh.  Their personalities are just so perfect!  I am so lucky that I have them. ❤

  • Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?

-In terms of blogging, I would like write more posts about pop culture and philosophical topics.  In terms of just life in general, I want to not sweat the small stuff and enjoy life to its fullest.


Also, I would love to start practicing yoga on a regular basis, but I need more time.  Right now I would rather blog in my free time 🙂

  • What is the one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?

-I was an All American swimmer in high school.  I specialized in long distance freestyle.  

Not her picture.

Also, I have severe scoliosis that I was unaware of until I was in my 20s, but now that I think back to my teenaged years, it all makes sense.




Thank you for a nice interview with you Jackie. ❤

It was great interviewing a mom of twins who is still look gorgeous like Jackie. ❤

And also i learned some stuff about her. So guys if you want to know Jackie more just visit her blog here

I hope you guys enjoyed my lovely interview with Jackie. ❤ And if you want to be interview as well just comment down bellow your blog and i will respond as soon as i can. ❤

Have a nice day everyone. ❤


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