My EGYPTIAN Makeup Style ❤

Hi ladies and gentleman,

Today i want to show you my Egyptian style makeup.

I made my inspiration person to be my model if you remember her on my My inspiration on FASHION ❤  post. ☺

If you guys want to try it here is the step by step how to make it. ☺

  • First apply your favorite foundation. Try to put a bit less not so thick layer on your face. ( reason is we will apply some concealer and liquid highlighter). Then blend it well and after that apply your favorite concealer to some dark spot on your face.




  • Lets start with the eyebrow, apply some concealer under your eyebrow and blend it well. Next is shape your eyebrow using your favorite eyebrow kit or eyebrow pencil. Then apply some highlighter under your eyebrow and blend it.




  • Now ready your eyeshadow palette. The one i am using is unbranded so the color is not that bright, but i wanted to make it bright so i decided to use some  eyeshadow stick and apply my eyeshadow on the top of it after. So here is the trick put some tape on the side of your eyelid to have a perfect shape.





  • Eyeshadow that we need is gold,silver,black and dark bronze. You might not need to apply some eyeshadow stick if you have a brighter eyeshadows. Blend it after you separately apply the silver,gold and black.




  • Now mix the dark bronze and gold eye shadow and blend on your eyelid.




  • After you blend it nicely together apply some black eyeliner and do the same under eye. Then get your favorite aye curler and mascara. You can now remove the tape on the side of your eyelid.




  • Next is we contour and highlight. My model have a pear shape face so i apply highlighter cream on her forehead, nose, chin and under eye. Then i apply  contour powder on her side cheek and side of her nose. And blend it together with a bronze powder.




  • Last is apply your favorite NUDE lipstick lighter color on lips is better with a dark eyeshadows.

Now we are finish all you need to do is brush your hair and ready to pose. ☺

Here is the before and after.  ☺



Here is more gorgeous picture of her. ☺



So what do you guys think about my EGYPTIAN makeup style? ❤

I hope you like it. ❤

Have a nice day everyone.❤







12 thoughts on “My EGYPTIAN Makeup Style ❤

  1. So cool!!! Looks fab. I absolutely love your blog! xxx Want to do more like this on mine in the future. Maybe you could help me?? Would love to interview you! Would be AMAZING if you could follow mine.

    Liked by 1 person

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